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Department of Taxation and Finance


The Educational Services unit at the Office of Real Property Tax Services administers the New York State Assessment Certification Program for: County Directors, Assessors, Real Property Appraisers, and Candidates for Assessor. Assessment training is also available and encouraged for county and local assessment staff.


Certification requirements


  • Assessors and County Directors may be eligible for reimbursement for completing required training components. 
  • Forms are available in the voucher packet.


Continuing education

Training advisory group

  • The Training Advisory Group is made up of Assessors, County Directors, ORPTS staff, and 'at-large members' who provide advice for the development and delivery of training programs for the assessment community.

Training spotlight

  • Register now for Spring 2021–Fall 2021 training.
  • For those who have yet to complete basic certification, the deadline has been extended a year from your original date.