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Department of Taxation and Finance

Property owners

Keep up to date

Wondering when your STAR check will arrive?

Eligible homeowners who registered for the STAR credit will receive a check directly from New York State before their school taxes are due. If you registered, see the STAR Credit Delivery Schedule to see when yours will arrive.

New homeowners

If you’ve recently bought your home or you’ve never applied for the STAR benefit on your current home, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars each year. See Register for STAR credit to learn more.

Municipal Profiles

The Municipal Profiles application provides property owners with access to data and information about their localities, including local contact information. You can choose to display information at the state, county, town or city, or village level.

Spotlight on STAR

Have you switched to the STAR credit yet?

In most school districts, homeowners who receive the STAR exemption could receive a larger benefit it they switch to the STAR credit. Learn more.

Learn about STAR

Whether you're new to the STAR program or considering a switch to the STAR credit, browse our STAR resource center for the big picture and specific details.

Property Tax Credit Lookup tool

Use the Property Tax Credit Lookup tool to view and print a list of your previously issued STAR.