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Welcome to our home for businesses. We designed it to provide easy access to tax information, filing and payment resources, and popular business topics, and more for:

  • corporation tax,
  • sales tax,
  • withholding tax, and
  • other taxes and reporting requirements.

For information regarding income tax, estate tax, mortgage recording tax, and more, see our home for Individuals.

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What's New

Corporate Tax Reform adopted regulations

On December 27, 2023, the Notice of Adoption for the corporate tax reform regulations was published in the State Register.

See 2023 adoptions

Tips to avoid filing errors: pass-through entity tax (PTET)

We created a new page with filing tips to help you successfully Web File your annual PTET return. 

Review tips

Plan Ahead

January 22

Sales tax returns due for monthly filers

Use sales tax web file

January 31

Employers' quarterly combined withholding, wage reporting, and unemployment insurance returns due

See filing methods

January 31

Employers' quarterly metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax (MCTMT) returns due

File MCTMT return