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Can't get enough of Tax? Subscribe to receive emails with tax tips, news, and the latest guidance.

Only interested in your tax account, such as your return or refund? Create an Online Services account and request electronic communications.

Review our email policy and privacy policy for more information about our communications.

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Request electronic communications about your tax account

The best way to communicate with the Tax Department is to create an Online Services account and request electronic communications. You'll receive communications for:

  • personal income tax refunds and adjustments
  • updates to your tax account
  • tax bills, audit letters, and related notices
  • filing reminders

To request communications:

  1. Log in to (or create) your Online Services account.
  2. Select your name in the upper-right corner of your Account Summary homepage.
  3. Select Preferences, then choose Electronic communications from the expanded menu.
  4. On the Electronic Communications page, check the boxes next to Bills and Related Notices and Other Notifications.

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Subscribe to tax tips, news, and updates

Subscribe to receive emails with:

  • tax tips
  • tax guidance, such as new publications or regulation changes
  • filing updates and reminders
  • press releases and upcoming events

You can subscribe to general or tax-specific topics, including:

  • Corporation Tax 
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Sales Tax
  • Tax Tips for Individuals 
  • Tax Professional Newsletter
  • Key Online Services for Tax Professionals  
  • Información en español
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