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Welcome to our home for individuals. Here, you'll find resources to file returns, pay tax, claim credits, and more for:

  • income tax (for individuals, LLCs, and partnerships)
  • estate tax
  • mortgage recording tax
  • real estate transfer tax
  • MCTMT (metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax)

For information regarding sales tax, corporation tax, and other business taxes, see our home for Businesses. For information for homeowners, see Property owners.

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Individual Resources

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Find income tax credits

Give your refund a boost with the credits you're entitled to! Explore our most popular credits, below, or see Income tax credits for a more comprehensive list.

Income tax filing resource center

Find everything you need to file a complete and accurate return all in one place, including:

  • filing options, like Free File
  • guidance on responding to department notices and letters
  • free tax assistance
  • resources for property tax information you need to include on your return
  • checking the status of your refund

What's New

Estimated tax resource center

Our new estimated tax resource center simplifies estimated tax, with information about who must pay and tools to assist you.

See estimated tax tools

Self-employment resource center

Are you self employed? Check out our new self-employment resource center for tools and information.

Find self-employed tools

Plan Ahead

Check your property assessment

In most towns across New York, assessors publish the tentative assessment roll on the town or county website in the beginning of May. The tentative assessment roll includes the property assessment, the assessor’s estimate of the market value of the property (the amount your property could sell for), and exemption information. You should review the tentative assessment roll annually.

Check your assessment

Benefit from good recordkeeping

Whether you’ve already filed or are keeping track of documentation for next year, our recordkeeping pages are a great resource.

Review our checklists