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Department of Taxation and Finance

Financial Education Program


This Financial Education Program was designed for you. As we listen to your feedback—on the road, in your calls to our Contact Center, and through our Taxpayer Experience survey—we look for ways to make it easier to understand the benefits available to you and the responsibilities you have as a taxpayer. The Program is part of our broader mission to serve you, the taxpayers of New York State, and improve your interactions with our Department. 

The Program is broken into 7 modules, covering a wide range of issues—from filing requirements and tax credits to predatory tax preparers and free tax filing options. At the end of each module and at the end of the course, you'll have an opportunity to celebrate with a Certificate of Completion. Once you’ve finished, we’d also appreciate any feedback you can provide, so we’ve added a survey at the end of the course. Let us know what we're doing right and where we can improve.

NYS Financial Education: Commissioner's Welcome
NYS Financial Education: Commissioner's Welcome


  1. Understanding your rights
  2. Filing responsibilities
  3. Self-employment resources
  4. How tax credits can help you
  5. Filing your return and free filing resources
  6. Hiring a tax preparer
  7. Refunds, payments, and additional resources

You can select any topic in a module using the links on its Introduction and outline page or the menu on the left. Select Continue to next page at the bottom of each page to move through each course from beginning to end. You'll also be able to download and personalize a Certificate of Completion for each module you review. View the Financial Education Program: Course Outline for the complete list of course topics.

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