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Responding to department notices

Once you file a return, you may receive a bill or notice. Read the notice carefully as the Department may be asking for missing information needed in order to finish processing your return or we may be proposing an adjustment to your return that could be corrected if you supply additional information. 

Either way, it is very important that you respond to any notice you get. 

You can respond to a notice in many ways:

  • Online—Accessing your Online Services account and using the Respond to your notice or bill online application. This is the quickest and easiest way to respond.
    • Respond to most bills, refund adjustment notices, requests for additional information, and many other notices.
    • Save mail time and postage fees.
    • Scan and upload documents.
    • See information previously provided in response to an open bill.
    • Instant email confirmation of receipt of your response.
    • New notices recently added.
  • By phone—where you can speak directly to a Tax Department representative.
  • By fax—where you may fax your written request directly to the Tax Department for review.
  • And finally by mail—where we'll review any request for relief that you submit in writing.

You can refer to the notice received for phone and fax numbers, mailing address, and further instructions on responding to the department.

If I just want to pay the amount due, you could use quick pay.

  • Ideal for individuals who typically have limited interaction with the department.
  • You can make a payment for an existing balance using bank account and routing number.
  • No Online Services (OLS) account required.

You must provide verification information from a return filed within the last four years.

  • Social Security number for self (and spouse, if applicable)
  • Filing status
  • Mailing ZIP code
  • First and last name

Taxpayers can make a payment for the following:

  • Assessment
  • Audit case
  • Collection case
  • Income execution
  • Installment agreement

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