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Local assessment officials

Our webpages for local assessment officials include information and tools for assessors, county real property tax (RPT) directors, and other local government officials.

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The OAC is a secure website made available by the Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS) to county RPT directors, assessors, and their staff. 

Online assessment community

Changes to senior citizens and disability exemption eligibility 

Due to the 2023-2024 Enacted State Budget, there are changes to the senior citizens exemption and the exemption for persons with disabilities and limited incomes.

Assessors should ask applicants whose incomes are low enough that they are not required to file a Form 1040 to complete and attach to their application a worksheet. For more information, see Guidance on the new 467 income worksheet (RP-467-Wkst) for non-filers.

Also see Form RP-467, Form RP-467-RNW, Form RP-467-Wkst, and their instructions.

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Recent RPSV4 updates

To install the most recent RPSV4 updates, visit RPSV4 Updates in the Online Assessment Community.

November 7, 2023

466-a exemption: RPS2020_5003.exe and Db_794.exe

March 24, 2023

466-a exemption: RPS2020_4224.exe and Db_793.exe

March 24, 2023

Cost data: Cost_2023.exe