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Department of Taxation and Finance

Equalization & Tax Levy Distribution - Assessor's Report Instructions for Cities and Towns


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of Terms
  3. Filing Instructions for Assessor's Report
  4. RPS Users Filing Instructions
  5. Special Instructions for Non-RPS Homestead Assessing Units
  6. Instructions for Part 1
  7. Instructions for Part 2
  8. Instructions for Part 6
  9. Instructions for Part 7
  10. Reference Chart of Equalization and Quantity Changes
  11. Sample Set of Forms

Copies of this publication may be obtained from the New York State Office of Real Property Tax Services, WA Harriman State Campus, Albany, New York, 12227 (Telephone: 518-474-1170) or send e-mail to ORPTS.