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Public education inventories: Tools, forums and personnel

The inventories below are intended to assist assessors and county property tax directors with improving taxpayer understanding of the assessment function. Please contact ORPTS with questions or suggestions.

Public education tools for local officials

Pamphlets can be used as:

  • enclosures in assessment notification mailings,
  • handouts at public education sessions/board meetings,
  • information for your town board/city council/county committee.

In addition, your website can include links to the brochures and you can make the pamphlets available in your office.

Reassessment pamphlets

Assessment administration pamphlets

Exemption pamphlets


Videos can be used to educate taxpayers, as well as your fellow local officials.

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint slide shows can be very helpful for explaining complex information to an audience. Charts, graphs and text can be displayed visually, which makes it is easier for your audience to understand the material. If a laptop computer and a projector are not available, the presentation can be printed and distributed to the audience.

While too large to be used in most mailings, booklets are similar to pamphlets in that they can be linked to from local web pages and distributed at meetings to taxpayers and local officials.


Public relations guidance for assessors

Learn about assessments and property taxes online

The individuals section of our website includes a section entitled Learn about assessments and property taxes for taxpayers. You can print off individual web pages, or include this link on your local websites and publications.

Public relations forums

There are many opportunities to practice good public relations. The most direct chance you'll have to help someone understand assessments is when a taxpayer walks into your office.

Other opportunities include:

  • Public education sessions,
  • benevolent organizations (Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks, etc.),
  • Town Board, City Council meetings,
  • cable public access stations,
  • public broadcasting stations,
  • municipal, county websites,
  • Municipal newsletters.

Public education personnel

Rather than "doing it alone," there are many individuals who may be of assistance in your public relations efforts, including:

  • Assessors,
  • county directors,
  • ORPTS customer service teams,
  • Other ORPTS staff,
  • supportive town supervisors,
  • supportive assessors or local officials from other municipalities,
  • reassessment contractors.