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Department of Taxation and Finance

Value analysis tools

Median Sales Trend - In order for a sale to be included in the above statistics it must be an arm's length residential sale coded non-condominium. Further, the sale price must be greater than ten dollars and the number of days between the sale date and the contract date must be less than three hundred and sixty five or indeterminate.

Sales/Market Data - There are many uses for the data entered on the RP-5217 Real Property Transfer Report. Through this form, transfers of ownership of real property are changed on assessment rolls at the local level, and entered onto a sales database at the state level.

Valuation Standards - Valuation Standards provide the guidelines for valuing property in New York State for ad valorem real property taxation.

2015 Uniform Construction Index (UCI) Base Cost Tables - The UCI base cost tables is a tool to calculate replacement costs for industrial equipment and yard improvements, an essential step in completing the Cost Approach to valuation.

Cell Towers - This document provides information regarding the valuation of cell towers and associated real property.

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