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Driver license requirement for taxpayers

If you use software to prepare your (and your spouse’s, if applicable) personal income tax return, New York State requires you to include your driver license or non-driver ID information on the return. This applies to both you and your spouse. You must enter the information each tax year as New York State does not allow the retention of driver license information by tax preparation software.

This requirement applies to driver licenses or non-driver IDs from any state.

You must provide the following information from your (and your spouse’s, if applicable) driver license or non-driver ID:

  • the driver license or non-driver ID number;
  • the issuing state;
  • the issue date;
  • the expiration date; and
  • the first three characters of the document number (for New York State-issued licenses and non-driver IDs only).

If you or your spouse do not have a driver license or non-driver ID, you can indicate that within the software to fulfill this requirement.

IDs and documents

What we accept

We accept information from your most recent driver license or non-driver ID. Whether your ID is active or expired, we will accept the return.

How to locate the ID and document number

The document numbers for New York State driver licenses and non-driver IDs consist of either 8 or 10 alphanumeric characters (we only require the first three characters).

To view the standard placement of the ID number and document number on New York State-issued licenses and IDs, visit the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles at Sample Photo Documents.

Why we want this information

We will use the driver license and non-driver ID information as verification to protect you from fraud and identity theft.


If you do not have your information when you file your extension, you may check the Did not provide ID box. However, when you subsequently e-file your return, you must include your driver license or non-driver ID information.


New York States requires you to provide this information for you and your spouse (if applicable).

If you don’t include your ID information

We use your ID information to help validate your identity; if we can’t validate you, your refund may be delayed.

If you have an out-of-state ID

As long as you are providing a valid out-of-state ID, you should not experience any processing delay related to your ID.