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Department of Taxation and Finance

Petroleum Business Tax Web File

Petroleum Business Tax (PBT) Web File will allow you to file your PBT returns and fuel reports quickly and easily.

You will also be able to:

  • upload data to complete your return
  • schedule payments in advance
  • save bank account information for future payments
  • receive instant confirmation that your return was received


You must Web File if you meet all three of the following conditions:

  • you prepare your own PBT returns or reports, without the assistance of a tax professional;
  • you use a computer to prepare, document, or calculate your PBT filings; and
  • you have broadband Internet access.

Note: You may only file a paper return if you do not meet the above conditions, you are filing an amended return, or you are a quarterly filer. See the table below for information on which returns and reports are mandated.

Which forms to Web File
If you are: You can Web File: Is Web File mandated?
  • a distributor of motor fuel or diesel motor fuel,
  • a residual petroleum product business, or
  • an aviation fuel business,
PT-100, Petroleum Business Tax Return. Yes, Web File is mandated.
  • a retailer of non-highway diesel motor fuel only, or
  • a distributor of kero-jet fuel only,
PT-200, Quarterly Petroleum Business Tax Return. No, Web File is not mandated.
  • a terminal operator,
FT-941, Terminal Operator's Monthly Report of Diesel Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel Inventory. Yes, Web File is mandated.
  • a transporter of motor fuel or diesel motor fuel,
FT-942, Diesel Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel Transporter's Monthly Report. Yes, Web File is mandated.
  • a commercial vessel operator,
PT-350, Petroleum Business Tax Return for Fuel Consumption - Commercial Vessels. Yes, Web File is mandated.

With PBT Web File, you can upload almost all of your transaction information. After you have uploaded your information, most of your return will be completed. Simply review the information to make sure it's accurate, and enter any additional required information. For upload instructions, see Web Filing Petroleum Business Tax Upload Instructions. For information on the upload format for each return and schedule part, see Petroleum Business Tax Web File Format for Upload. For a list of common upload problems, see PBT Web File Upload - Common Issues.

  1. Log in to your Online Services account.
  2. Select Other taxes under the ≡ Services menu on the left side of the page.
  3. Select Petroleum Business Tax Web File.

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If you're required to e-file, you may need to authorize a debit payment to pay your tax. See ACH debit block information for important information about debit payments.

Need help?

If you have questions, contact the Miscellaneous Tax Information Center at 518-457-5735.

You cannot use PBT Web File to submit:

  • amended returns, or
  • registration applications.

To complete these activities, you will need to file by paper. See Petroleum business and fuel excise tax forms (current periods).