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Sales Tax Web File

  1. Log in or create an Online Services account
  2. Select Sales tax - file and pay under Services
  3. Select Sales Tax Web File

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Web File options

Available Features

In addition to filing, our online service allows you to:

  • Schedule payments in advance
  • Save bank account information for future payments
  • Receive instant confirmation your return was received
  • View filing and payment history
  • Update your business information
All forms and schedules

You can Web File all forms and schedules, including:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual sales tax returns
  • PrompTax filers submitting Form ST-810
  • No-tax-due, amended, and final returns
  • Sales Tax Record of Advance Payment (Form ST-330)
  • Refund or credit requests (Form AU-11)

Helpful Tips

Updated: March 29, 2016