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Resources for withholding tax filers

Wage reporting is easy with our two resources that help you meet your wage reporting obligations.

Form TR-150.5, Important Filing Reminders for Forms NYS-45 and NYS-45-ATT 

Form TR-150.5 provides tips on how to report your employees’ information completely and accurately and avoid common errors that may delay your employees’ income tax refund.

You can download Form TR-150.5 directly on our website.

Get form tr-150.5

Note: For calendar quarters beginning before January 1, 2019, refer to Form TR-150.6 to view important reminders.

Consequences for reporting incorrectly

Accurate wage reporting is extremely important, particularly when your New York State employees prepare to file their personal income tax returns. If you don’t report information correctly and timely, we may:

  • delay or deny your employees’ income tax refunds,
  • send your employees tax bills instead of the refunds they are owed, and
  • charge you penalties and interest.

See Withholding tax penalties and interest for more information.


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