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Homeowner tax rebate credit (HTRC)

The homeowner tax rebate credit is a one-year program providing direct property tax relief to about 2.5 million eligible homeowners in 2022. 

If you qualify, you don't need to do anything; we'll automatically send you a check for the amount of your credit.

If you’re eligible and you haven’t received your check, you generally can expect to receive it between the time that school tax bills are issued and when the school tax payments are due in your community. Our contact center cannot provide you with a specific timeframe.


To be eligible, you must have:

  • qualified for a 2022 STAR credit or exemption,
  • had income that was less than or equal to $250,000 for the 2020 income tax year, and
  • a school tax liability for the 2022-2023 school year that is more than your 2022 STAR benefit.

Note: You do not need to calculate your income to receive the homeowner tax rebate credit. We will calculate income for eligibility purposes, and we will issue the credit based on that determination.

Homeowner tax rebate credit amounts

The amount of your rebate credit will depend on:

  • where your home is located,
  • how much your income is, and
  • whether you receive Enhanced STAR or Basic STAR.

To find the amount you'll receive for the homeowner tax rebate credit:

Check Lookup

To understand how we calculated your credit amount, choose which type of homeowner you are:


The amount of your homeowner tax rebate credit cannot be more than the amount of your net school tax liability for the 2022–2023 school year after taking into account your 2022 STAR benefit. For example:

  • If you receive the Basic STAR credit, and your school tax bill is $1,000 and your STAR check is $600, then your homeowner tax rebate credit cannot be more than the difference ($400).
  • If you receive the Basic STAR exemption on your school tax bill, and your school tax bill is $400, your homeowner tax rebate credit cannot be more than $400.

By law, the Tax Department cannot issue a homeowner tax rebate credit for less than $100.

Definition of income for the homeowner tax rebate credit 

For the homeowner tax rebate credit, income is defined as federal adjusted gross income (FAGI) from two years prior (tax year 2020), modified so that:

  • the net amount of loss reported on federal Schedule C, D, E or F is $3,000 or less, 
  • the net amount of any other separate category of loss is $3,000 or less, and
  • the aggregate amount of all losses is $15,000 or less.

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