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Department of Taxation and Finance

2017 Property Tax Credit Lookup

The following will not display in this application:

  • Prior year property tax credit checks (even if received in 2017)
  • Property tax credit checks issued in 2018

 Beginning with 2017 property tax credit checks, you can view and print the following information regarding checks that have been issued:

  • description (STAR or property tax relief)
  • credit year
  • check issue date
  • property address
  • property key
  • amount

Before you begin, you’ll need:

  • your prior-year New York State income tax return (Form IT-201, IT-201-X, IT-203 or IT-203-X) filed for one of the past five tax years, and
  • the Total payments amount from the return you use for verification.

To locate the Total payments you reported on your previously filed return, please refer to Total payments.



If you itemize your deductions or are a Yonkers resident, see How to report your property tax credits.