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Department of Taxation and Finance

How to report your property tax credits

If you received a check in 2017 for one or more of the following credits:

  • property tax freeze credit
  • property tax relief credit
  • STAR credit

you do not need to do anything on your 2017 federal and New York State income tax returns, unless you meet one of the following conditions.

  • You itemize your deductions
    If you received any of the above credits in calendar year 2017, reduce your deduction for real estate taxes paid by the amount of all of the credits.
  • You are a Yonkers resident
    Be sure to answer Yes to the question "Did you receive a property tax relief credit?" on your New York State return and enter the amount received in the space provided. This will reduce your Yonkers tax due appropriately.

Use our Property Tax Credit Lookup to verify if you received a check for 2017.

If you receive a check for the property tax freeze credit, property tax relief credit, or STAR credit in 2018, keep the check stub with your 2018 tax records. We will provide reporting information as we approach the period for filing 2018 taxes.