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Continuing education requirements


The purpose of the Continuing Education program is to ensure that assessors and county directors remain current in their profession by expanding on their knowledge base of assessment and valuation principles. Participation is expected to be regular and consistent over time.

Continuing education status reports

In April 2012, rules were approved reducing the number of continuing education credits required annually from 24 to 12, beginning with the October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2012 continuing education year.

We plan to email continuing education status reports every year in late November/early December to all certified assessors and county directors. If you need a report at any other time, please send an email request to Educational Services and we will return your CE report to you via email.

Banking CE credits

The option to bank credits for the future is limited to one year's worth of credits.  In addition, assessors and county directors must have continuing education credits available to use, in order to receive credit and reimbursement for an approved conference.

Ethics recertification requirement

Completion of an Ethics course is required for certified assessors and county directors no more than one year prior to or one year after reappointment or reelection to office. ORPTS will not award continuing education credits for an ethics course completed for recertification. The recertification requirement is a separate requirement and will not be used to satisfy the continuing education requirement.

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General requirement information

Certified appointed and sole elected assessors certified county directors

An average of 12 continuing education credits are required to be completed each year by *certified appointed and sole elected assessors and certified county directors of real property tax services. 

Continuing education credits are earned by successfully completing:

Supplemental training such as supervision, electronic data processing, budgeting and administration which would enhance the ability of assessors and county directors to perform the duties of their positions, may be eligible for continuing education credit. Prior to attending, please submit  Form RP-3042, Application for Continuing Education Review (fill-in-form) to Educational Services for review and approval.

Members of elected boards of assessors may voluntarily participate in the continuing education program but are subject to the same guidelines as appointed assessors and county directors.

*Note: Village Assessors and Assessors in New York City, Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, and Nassau County are excluded.

Reimbursement for necessary and reasonable training expenses is available.

Contact Educational Services for Continuing Education credit approval information prior to attending.