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Self-study sessions

Self-study sessions are an alternative way to earn course credits by passing final course exams without attending classroom or online training sessions. Not all courses are offered as self study.

Students are given the same study materials that are provided to students in the classroom courses, but ORPTS does not offer additional instruction or study assistance for individuals who choose the self-study method. If you need additional assistance you should consider attending a class or participating in an on-line training session.

Course materials are sent to each participant approximately six (6) weeks prior to a self-study exam session. All self-study exams are three hours long with multiple choice questions. The exams are open book, but only the course materials provided by ORPTS may be used as references at the exam.

Courses available in self-study

To register

You may register for self-study exams in the Online Registration portal. The maximum number of exams for one self-study session is two, unless otherwise noted.

Register early for self-study exams

Due to the time required to prepare and ship self-study course materials you should sign up a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks before the exam date. The registration period may close inside of that timeframe. Late registration will impact timely delivery of materials and may not be accepted.

To find course offerings refer to Educational organizations specializing in appraisal training.

For more information on courses that are equivalent, please contact Educational Services.

Information is available on Certification requirements.