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Managing Real Property Transfer Data

Sales Data Management Course

Managing RP-5217 (sales) data accuracy and timeliness is a shared responsibility of state and local personnel across the state. The Sales Data Management Course is a useful training tool for personnel responsible for managing this data. It is offered via the ORPTS Training Portal and accessed through the secure Assessment Community site. Learn more about the Assessment Administrators' Online Training Program and secure access to the ORPTS Training Portal.

Local & State Databases 

RP-5217 data exists in both local database files and in ORPS's real property transfer database. The state's RP-5217 data is initially captured via one of three different data entry methods:

  1. SaleScan - single point, data capture from barcoded RP-5217-PDF for file transfer into state and local databases.
  2. Local entry using proprietary systems (i.e., Nassau, Westchester PREP and NYC ACRIS)
  3. Standard RP-5217 data entry (entered via state staff at ORPTS)

All data capture methods result in data files being uploaded into the ORPTS real property transfer database. Data may be edited at both the local and state level. Local verification of usability (arm's length and ratio) is necessary prior to use in state and local sales data products.

Sales Correction 

Data corrections can be submitted to ORPTS using the Real Property System's RPS035 file transmittal process. Paper corrections must be submitted by those who process/update data manually. RPS v3 and v4 users should only use paper corrections in limited circumstances.

ORPTS staff have found that there are common correction issues that occur frequently in the sales reporting process. Special attention should be given to these issues, which may affect expected results and cause confusion.


Online Sales Reports are available for review by correction agents (Assessors, County Directors) to confirm data provided via RPS035 transmittals and paper corrections. Please use the secured Assessment Community Account. Learn more about secure access.