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Paper Corrections

The RP-5217 ACR correction form is used by Assessors and County Directors to submit corrected sales data to the ORPTS. There are three different color-coded RP-5217 ACR correction forms available for local officials:

  1. RP-5217 ACR Pink Copy - City/Town Assessors
  2. RP-5217 ACR Yellow Copy - County Directors
  3. RP-5217 ACR Blue Copy - Village Assessors

The layout of the RP-5217 ACR allows for three different sales to be corrected per form (based on book & page) and four data items to be corrected per sale.

When to Use the RP-5217 ACR Correction Form

In order to eliminate unnecessary paperwork and handling at both the state and local level, uses of the RP-5217 ACR correction form should be limited to the following:

  1. For RPS V4 reporters, the RP-5217 ACR form should only be used for corrections to Book/Page, or as needed for SWIS Code change.
    Note: For condition code I changes, indicate condition code "I" by only choosing the acceptable explanation from the dropdown menu in RPS, then transmit visa RPS035 file.
  2. For RPS V3 reporters, the RP-5217 ACR should ONLY be provided for these limited circumstances:

    • SWIS Code Change / Wrong SWIS (If sale is not in your town, please forward RP-5217 to assessor in correct municipality.)
    • Book / Page Change
    • Condition Code 'I'
      Note: Changes to b. & c. must also be made on the RPS file. This ensures that a subsequent RPS035 transmittal will NOT undo the submitted paper correction
  3. For non-mechanical or 'paper reporters', this is the only method used for reporting sales corrections.

How to Use the RP-5217 ACR Correction Form

In order for ORPTS staff to make a correction, the following information must be included on the RP-5217 ACR:

  1. Enter SWIS Code
  2. Enter Book and Page exactly as they appeared on the RP-5217 form.

    1. This is the 'key' for matching to the ORPTS sales database.
  3. Enter SBL/Roll ID
    1. used as a cross-check to verify that the correct sale is being updated.
    2. alternate means of locating a sale if book/page match is not located.
  4. Enter the 'RP-5217 Item Number for Correction' under that heading. This correlates to the item number on the RP-5217 Real Property Transfer Report (i.e., for Full Sale Price correction, the item number will be 13).
  5. Enter the 'Correct Information' under that heading. This reflects the new information/data to be updated onto the ORPTS sales database (i.e., for a Full Sale Price change from $200,000 to $206,000 enter only $206,000).
  6. If property is in more than one SWIS, check the appropriate box and enter the other SWIS code. A sale is considered to be in multiple towns when the 1st four positions of SWIS code are different.
  7. If Significant Change in the property has occurred between Taxable Status Date and Sale Date, check the appropriate box.

Where to mail the RP-5217 ACR Correction Form

Please mail completed RP-5217 ACR form to:

NYS Dept. of Taxation and Finance
Office of Real Property Tax Services -  DMU 
WA Harriman State Campus
Albany, New York 12227