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Necessary and reasonable training expenses

Reimbursement for necessary and reasonable training expenses is available to appointed and sole elected assessors1, members of elected boards of assessors, and county directors of Real Property Tax Services who successfully complete the following in order to fulfill a basic or continuing education requirement:

Necessary and reasonable expenses

Tuition costs

Receipts must be obtained from the course sponsor. Submit original receipt for tuition and textbook.

Lodging costs

These may be reimbursed if the course is not offered within 50 miles of official station of assessor or county director; or if it is demonstrated why commuting would create an undue hardship. Prior approval from Educational Services is required in these cases. Submit original receipt.

Travel costs

These include mileage, parking, tolls, and so on. Original receipt is required for parking. Receipts are also required for expenses such as tolls, local bus fares, subway tokens, and other similar purchases. 

Meal allowance

Original receipt must be submitted for lodging.

When you are traveling in approved overnight status, your lodging receipt serves a double purpose. It serves as your lodging accommodation receipt, and also entitles you to claim the daily breakfast and dinner maximum amounts without any additional meal receipts. Overnight meals begin with dinner on the first night of your approved overnight stay and end with breakfast on the day you sign out of your overnight accommodations.

Meal rates vary by county, and are available in the voucher packet . Be sure to use the correct meal rate for the county where the training was held. Incidental expenses such as tips are already included in the per diem allowances for meals, and therefore are not reimbursed separately. There is no reimbursement for lunch.

Note: Original receipts must be submitted for certain expenses. You need to submit the original receipts for lodging, tuition, textbooks and parking. Receipts are also required for expenses such as tolls, local bus fares, and similar purchases. If you have questions as to what should be included with your vouchers, please contact Educational Services.

For additional information, please see Reimbursement answers.
1Village assessors and assessors in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Yonkers, and Nassau County are excluded.
NYC assessors may be reimbursed under limited circumstances and should contact ORPTS for prior approval of training.