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Introduction to RPS V4: Analysis and valuation

Course information
Prerequisite Intro. to RPS V4, mass appraisal, and skilled in the RPS V4 custom report writer and spreadsheets
Duration Classroom - 3 days
CE credits Varies
Self-study Not currently available
Web based Not currently available
Course description

This is a hands-on microcomputer lab course designed to give the participants a better understanding of the analysis and valuation tools included with RPS Version 4.

Topics will include use of the Geographic Information System (GIS), Comparative Property Analysis Module, Standard Reports and Custom Reports for the purpose of analyzing current market conditions and valuation model performance. Also, mass valuation components including Land, Cost, Manual Modeling, Comparable Sales, Commercial Market and Income and the Project Table will be introduced. Additional topics including Single Parcel Valuation and Comparable Assessments will be detailed.

This is an advanced and ambitious course, which includes many hands-on laboratory exercises. Participants should attend this course only after successfully completing the Introduction to RPS Version 4 and Mass Appraisal training courses. In addition, the participants should be skilled in the use of the RPS V4 Custom Report Writer and spreadsheets. Class size is limited based upon the size of the computer lab.

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