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Cost, market and income approach to value

Course information
Prerequisite None
Duration Classroom (Note: Multiple courses are required to meet this component.)
CE credits Varies based on course length
Self-study Not currently available
Web-based Available from some Professional training organizations.*
Course description

An introduction to the application and use of the three major approaches to valuation and the advantages and limitations of each. Emphasis is given to legal considerations, economic principles, real estate markets and statistical concepts.

Two or more weeks of training are required to fulfill this requirement.

Courses which fill this requirement are:

  • Valuation Course 1: Appraisal Principles and Procedures and Valuation Course 2: Application of the Three Approaches to Value are sponsored by NYSAA. (Check NYSAA's website for course offerings.)
  • R5: Basic Appraisal Principles, R6: Basic Appraisal Procedures, R8: Residential Site Valuation and Cost Approach, and R9: Residential Sales Comparison and Income Approach.*
  • IAAO Courses 101: Fundamentals of Real Property Appraisal and 102: Income Approach to Valuation. (Check IAAO's website for course offerings.)

These courses are offered by outside vendors.

To find course offerings refer to Educational organizations specializing in appraisal training.

For more information on courses that are equivalent, please contact Educational Services.

Information is available on Certification requirements.