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Inventory reporting column headings

On all of the inventory reporting forms, please do not use any commas, decimals, dollar signs, or any other punctuation. (The first line on all of the templates is an example.)

Explanation of column headings for 4.1 mass file

Explanation of column headings for 4.1 mass file
Column Description
Company_id 6 digit company code
As_of_Yr Inventory reported as of year
Acct_Num 8 digit account number used by ORPTS
Comp_Acct Company account number if different than ORPTS account number
Swis_code 6 digit code for each municipality
Comp_Td Company tax district, not required
Cost_Incu Cost incurred by – C for company, O for other
Bal_Sheet Single digit 1 through 9. A complete listing of balance sheet numbers can be found here:
Plant_type Left blank
Install_Yr Year the inventory was installed
Hw_Grs_Srv Public surviving or additions, dollar amount with no commas, cents, or dollar signs
Hw_Retire Any public retirements listed here
Pv_Grs_Srv Private surviving or additions, dollar amount with no commas, cents, or dollar signs
Pv_Retire Any private retirements listed here

For the 4.6 mass form for transmission pipeline companies:

For the 4.6 Mass Form for Transmission Pipeline Companies
Column Description
Pl_Diam Pipeline diameter
Pl_Hw_Feet Feet of pipeline in public right of way
Pl_Pv_Feet Feet of pipeline in private

For the 2.1 structure file:

 For the 2.1 Structure file
Column Description
Location 6 digit location code, company generated
Facility 3 digit facility code, company generated
Sub_fac 2 digit code, company generated, can be zero filled

For the 5.1 balance file:

 For the 5.1 Balance File
Column Description
Personal Amount of balance in personal property
Hway_Real Amount of balance in the public right of way
Prvt_Real Amount of balance in private
Total_amt Total of highway and private

Contact us

If you require any further clarification, please contact a member of the Utility Reporting Unit:

 Contact names & numbers
Rebecca Bellard 518-530-4071
Karla Bartholomew - Lacen 518-591-5168
Linda Conrad 518-457-0845
Maryann Enrico 518-457-6126
Jeremy Kergel 518-530-4049
Kathleen Mastroianni 518-862-6083
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