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County Director orientation

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The materials provided below are intended to assist with the orientation training for new county directors. This orientation is designed to provide county directors with a general understanding of their responsibilities and resources to support them in their role.

To set up an orientation session, contact the Office of Real Property Tax Services.

Training materials
Materials Description
Full manual The full manual organized with all the handouts.
Manual with no handouts The manual with only the lessons.
Handouts The handouts for each section. Organized and with a header sheet.
Certificate The fill-in PDF for those who completed the orientation.
Training PowerPoint presentation The County Director Orientation reference presentation.

The Office of Real Property Tax Services provides these materials exclusively for training purposes. Training materials should not be cited as authority in any question of law.

If you experience difficulties with any of these files or have questions, please contact ORPTS Educational Services at (518) 474-1764 or by email at