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Department of Taxation and Finance

Assessor Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administration -Summary of Annual Revisions

Assessor Manual: Exemption Administration, Volume 4

 Summary of annual exemption revisions
Statute Description Subject of Changes Made
Various Subject Index Various new entries.
Various Exemption Code Index Various new entries.
RPTL §421-d Financed by NYS HFA

Extended until July 23, 2021

RPTL §458-c Severely injured members of the armed forces

Adds a new exemption for eligible severely injured members of the armed forces who have made alterations, improvements, or installations to their primary residence.

RPTL §459 Disabilities with Limited Income

Adds local option to exempt special districts

RPTL §485-u Class one reassessment Adds local option to exempt assessment increases over five years in Nassau County
RPTL §487 Solar, Wind, and Farm Waste Energy Systems Adds local option exemption for property owned or controlled by New York State or a New York State department, agency or public authority 

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