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Department of Taxation and Finance

Assessor Manual, Volume 4, Exemption Administration -Summary of Annual Revisions

Assessor Manual: Exemption Administration, Volume 4

 Summary of annual exemption revisions
StatuteDescriptionSubject of Changes Made
Various Subject Index Various new entries.
Various Exemption Code Index Various new entries.
Various Summary Chart of Exemptions Various new entries
RPTL §425-a Enhanced STAR Recipients in Nassau County Extends exemption through assessment roll year 2028.
RPTL §457 First-time Homebuyers of Newly Constructed Homes

Extends date of home purchase until December 31, 2022

RPTL §458 Eligible Funds Veterans

Adds school districts to eligible taxing jurisdictions at local option

RPTL §458-a Alternative Veterans

Fixed Operation Graphic Hand local option to include towns as eligible to adopt

RPTL §458-b Cold War Veterans

Added local option to extend exemption beyond 10 years

RPTL §459-c Disabilities with Limited Income

Increased maximum income for NYC to $50,000

RPTL §467 Senior Citizens

Increased maximum income for NYC to $50,000

Excludes certain annuity exchanges from calculation of eligible income

RPTL §485-t Residential Construction Work in Certain Cities Adds a new exemption for construction work on vacant, legally condemned property (currently only available in City of Jamestown)
RPTL §487 Solar, Wind, and Farm Waste Energy Systems Adds micro-hydroelectric, fuel cell, and micro-combined heat and power systems to eligible energy systems.
NPCL §1607,1608 Land Banks

Exempts property from sewer rent charges and user charges imposed by NYS and its subdivisions

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