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Department of Taxation and Finance

First IVP reports now online 2/22/19

In light of the recent changes to the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP), we will publish periodic reports regarding the income eligibility of IVP participants. 

The first report is now available in the Online Assessment Community

Note for users of RPSV4

Release 2016.3820 is now available from Real Property System updates. This release includes: 

  • a new Enhanced STAR IVP Exemption Update utility; and
  • provisions for two new exemptions per recent legislation:
    • RPTL § 467-k, as added by L.2018, c.212, provides for a new senior citizen longtime resident exemption in the city of Buffalo
    • RPTL § 467-k, as added by L.2018, c.512, provides for a new residential property in the federal flood Insurance Program exemption in the city of Syracuse 

You must apply the Enhanced STAR IVP Exemption Update utility before using the Final Eligibility Report for RPS Processing.  For more details, see the release notes (login required).

Note for users of assessment administration software other than RPSV4

See page 36 of the User Guide for information specific to non-V4 users.  

Questions? Contact your ORPTS Customer Service Liaison.