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Department of Taxation and Finance

Assessment Community Weekly 07/02/18

Happy Fourth of July to all! Coming out of our ACES sessions last week, we have three related updates for you:

Thanks from the ACES Team!

Many thanks to the more than 250 local officials who attended last week’s Assessment Community Enterprise System sessions. It was an outstanding turnout, and your questions and feedback were excellent. For those who weren’t able to attend, you can view or print ACES June 2018 Update.

Preliminary hardware requirements

During the sessions we mentioned that we would provide preliminary ACES hardware and mobile requirements this week. Tyler Technologies provided us with the attached Client Workstation Requirements, which also includes Field Mobile recommendations. We provide this information for planning purposes only. As noted in the document, particularly in regard to Windows tablets, technology continues to advance very quickly. Therefore, to the extent possible, we recommend that you delay purchasing hardware until shortly before your conversion to ACES begins.

Your survey results

Additional thanks to the more than 200 of you who took the recent ACES surveys. Attached for your interest are ACES spring 2018 survey results.