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E-file requirement for individual taxpayers

You're required to electronically file your return if you meet all three of the following conditions:

  • You use software to prepare your own personal income tax return;
  • Your software supports the electronic filing of your return; and
  • You have broadband Internet access.

There are no additional charges: The cost of tax preparation software includes the e-filing service. In fact, New York law prohibits an additional charge for e-filing.

If you download forms from our Web site, order them from us by phone, or pick them up at your local library, you're not subject to the mandate.


How to e-file

You may be eligible to e-file your return for FREE through our Web site or you may purchase commerical software approved by the department.

You can also electronically file your extension directly on the Tax Department Web site. 

Updated: January 14, 2014