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Property tax publications: Reports—historical

Property tax publications: Reports—historical
Number Title
1250 Business Property Taxes and Exemptions in New York State: A Survey of Business Leaders and Local Government Officials (1/80)
1251 New York State Forest Tax Policy Proposal (1/82)
1252 Taxation at the Constitutional Limit: A Status Report on Real Property Taxes in NYS, 1975-82 (3/83)
1253 Taxation of Private Railroads in New York State (8/83)
1254 Taxation of Railroads, Other Transportation Companies, and Other Businesses: A Survey of State Laws (8/83)
1255 Taxation of Railroads, Other Transportation Companies, and Other Businesses: A Survey of State Laws--Summary Report (8/83)
1256 Property Revaluation and State Aid to Education in New York State (8/83)
1257 Tax-Exempt Agricultural Societies in NYS: A Special Class of Organizations Exempt from Real Property Taxation (8/83)
1258 Proposal for the Taxation of Possessory Interests in Federal and State Property in NYS (2/84)
1259 Quality of Assessing in NYS: How Fairly are Taxpayers Treated? (12/84)
1260 Alternative Exemption for Wartime Veterans: First Year Results (8/87)
1261 Quality and Uniformity of Assessing in New York State: 1983 Results (2/88)
1262 Adirondack Park Zoning: Property Value and Tax Bases, 1963-1983 (3/88)
1263 Study of Real Property Taxation of Mobile Home Parks in New York State (12/88)
1265 Agricultural Districts Review Panel (3/89)
1266 State Programs Compensating Local Governments for State-Owned Property, 1989 (1/90)
1267 Property and People: The City of Buffalo's Revaluation of Real Property (4/90)
1268 Trends in the Quality and Uniformity of Assessing in NYS: 1986 Results (5/90)
1269 Agricultural Districts Review Panel -- Final Report (1/91)
1270 Taxation of State-Owned Land in New York (2/91)
1271 Volatility in New York's Residential Assessment Ratios (4/91)
1272 Agricultural Assessment Program Impact: 1986-1989 (7/91)
1273 Conversion of New York Farmland Under Agricultural Assessment to Non-Farm Use (7/91)
1274 Local Option Property Tax Exemptions in New York State: A Study of the Adoption of Exemptions for the Aged, Veterans, and Business Property (5/92)
1275 The 480-a Forest Taxation Program: Utilization, Assessment and Fiscal Impact (11/92)
1276 Forest Tax Laws (Sect. 480 and 480-a of the Real Property Tax Law) - Joint Report of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Board of Office of Real Property (12/93)
1277 Improving Real Property Tax Information Disclosure (12/93)
1278 Distribution of Farm and Forest Parcels by Property Class, 1993 Assessment Rolls (7/96)
1279 Survey of Ratio Study Methods Used by the States (9/95)
1281 Compensating Local Governments for Loss of Tax Base Due to State Ownership of Land (9/96)
1282 Divestiture of Electricity Generating Plants: Property Tax Implications (12/99)
1284 Local Telecommunications Taxes and Fees in New York State (1/01)
1285 This publication is now obsolete and is no longer available.
1286 Nuclear Generating Plants and the Exemption Provided by Section 485 of the Real Property Tax Law
1288 Understanding Real Property Tax Assessment Review Proceedings in New York State: A Primer for Municipal Officials (7/06)
1289 Report to Governor Mario M. Cuomo on the Taxation of Telecommunications Property (1/85)
1290 A Review of Recent Strategies Used for the Preservation of Farmland (2/86)
1291 Residential Real Property Taxes in New York State's Cities 1990 - 1991 (4/93)
1292 Report on Special Franchise Assessment Administration
1293 Interim Report: Governor's Panel on Real Property Tax Exemption and Classification Issues (12/93)