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Department of Taxation and Finance

Property tax publications: Reports—historical

Property tax publications: Reports—historical
Number Title
1250 Business Property Taxes and Exemptions in New York State: A Survey of Business Leaders and Local Government Officials (1/80)
1251 New York State Forest Tax Policy Proposal (1/82)
1252 Taxation at the Constitutional Limit: A Status Report on Real Property Taxes in NYS, 1975-82 (3/83)
1253 Taxation of Private Railroads in New York State (8/83)
1254 Taxation of Railroads, Other Transportation Companies, and Other Businesses: A Survey of State Laws (8/83)
1255 Taxation of Railroads, Other Transportation Companies, and Other Businesses: A Survey of State Laws--Summary Report (8/83)
1256 Property Revaluation and State Aid to Education in New York State (8/83)
1257 Tax-Exempt Agricultural Societies in NYS: A Special Class of Organizations Exempt from Real Property Taxation (8/83)
1258 Proposal for the Taxation of Possessory Interests in Federal and State Property in NYS (2/84)
1259 Quality of Assessing in NYS: How Fairly are Taxpayers Treated? (12/84)
1260 Alternative Exemption for Wartime Veterans: First Year Results (8/87)
1261 Quality and Uniformity of Assessing in New York State: 1983 Results (2/88)
1262 Adirondack Park Zoning: Property Value and Tax Bases, 1963-1983 (3/88)
1263 Study of Real Property Taxation of Mobile Home Parks in New York State (12/88)
1265 Agricultural Districts Review Panel (3/89)
1266 State Programs Compensating Local Governments for State-Owned Property, 1989 (1/90)
1267 Property and People: The City of Buffalo's Revaluation of Real Property (4/90)
1268 Trends in the Quality and Uniformity of Assessing in NYS: 1986 Results (5/90)
1269 Agricultural Districts Review Panel -- Final Report (1/91)
1270 Taxation of State-Owned Land in New York (2/91)
1271 Volatility in New York's Residential Assessment Ratios (4/91)
1272 Agricultural Assessment Program Impact: 1986-1989 (7/91)
1273 Conversion of New York Farmland Under Agricultural Assessment to Non-Farm Use (7/91)
1274 Local Option Property Tax Exemptions in New York State: A Study of the Adoption of Exemptions for the Aged, Veterans, and Business Property (5/92)
1275 The 480-a Forest Taxation Program: Utilization, Assessment and Fiscal Impact (11/92)
1276 Forest Tax Laws (Sect. 480 and 480-a of the Real Property Tax Law) - Joint Report of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Board of Office of Real Property (12/93)
1277 Improving Real Property Tax Information Disclosure (12/93)
1278 Distribution of Farm and Forest Parcels by Property Class, 1993 Assessment Rolls (7/96)
1279 Survey of Ratio Study Methods Used by the States (9/95)
1281 Compensating Local Governments for Loss of Tax Base Due to State Ownership of Land (9/96)
1282 Divestiture of Electricity Generating Plants: Property Tax Implications (12/99)
1284 Local Telecommunications Taxes and Fees in New York State (1/01)
1285 Treatment of Land Values on Assessment Rolls Among the States (1/01)
1286 Nuclear Generating Plants and the Exemption Provided by Section 485 of the Real Property Tax Law
1287 Survey of Railroad and Utility Taxation Practices Among the States: 2005 Update 
1288 Understanding Real Property Tax Assessment Review Proceedings in New York State: A Primer for Municipal Officials (7/06)
1289 Report to Governor Mario M. Cuomo on the Taxation of Telecommunications Property (1/85)
1290 A Review of Recent Strategies Used for the Preservation of Farmland (2/86)
1291 Residential Real Property Taxes in New York State's Cities 1990 - 1991 (4/93)
1292 Report on Special Franchise Assessment Administration
1293 Interim Report: Governor's Panel on Real Property Tax Exemption and Classification Issues (12/93)