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Letter about a possible refund (Form TR-210)

Form TR-210 is a letter you receive if:

  • you have money credited to your tax account for a prior tax year, and
  • you have not filed your income tax return for the prior tax year.

If you received it, you may be entitled to a refund for the tax year stated on the letter. The refund might be from withholding amounts from a previous job, or an overpayment or carry-forward from a previous tax year.

To claim a refund, you must file an income tax return for the year stated on the letter. The option to claim a refund for tax year 2019 expires July 17, 2023. If you don't file a return by this date, you will lose any refund you may be entitled to for this tax year.

What to do next

If you want to claim a refund:

  1. Log in to (or create) your Individual Online Services account to review your tax account balance. In your account, you can see the total amount you paid throughout the year toward income tax, including through estimated tax payments, and any overpayments.
  2. File your income tax return. Reminder: You must file by July 17, 2023, to receive any refund you’re entitled to for tax year 2019. Electronic filing for 2019 income tax returns closes November 26, 2022. After this date, you must complete 2019 returns by paper.

Claiming a refund is not the only reason you may need to file an income tax return. To learn whether you are required to file, see Do I need to file an income tax return?


Looking for the paper form? See 2019 Form IT-201, Resident Income Tax Return, or 2019 Form IT-203, Nonresident and Part-Year Resident Income Tax Return

For filing resources, visit our Filing season resource center.

To get a copy of your withholding totals for a previous tax year, see Transcript for W-2.