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Department of Taxation and Finance

Direct deposit of your income tax refund

Direct deposit is the easiest, fastest way to get your refund. Combine e-file with direct deposit to:

  • receive your refund faster
  • avoid bank waiting lines
  • get peace of mind—no lost or undeliverable checks

Set up direct deposit (see sample check below)

  • Enter your bank's nine-digit routing number on the return you're filing.  Your bank can provide your savings account routing number. You can find your checking account routing number on a check.
  • Enter your bank account number on the return you're filing (up to 17 characters). Don't include your check number.
  • Your savings account number is available on your preprinted deposit slips, your passbook, or other bank records.


  • We'll send you an email notifying you when we issue your refund if you create an Online Services account and sign up to receive email notifications.
  • If you're signed up for email notifications and requested a direct deposit that can't be deposited in your account, we'll send you an email when the paper check has been issued. 
  • Also see Filing tips and Check your refund.

Sample check

image of bank check

Issues with direct deposit?

If you chose to receive your refund by direct deposit and:

  • you have changed banks or closed your bank account, contact us at 518-457-5181 to provide us with your updated banking information; you may not receive your refund if your information isn’t correct.
  • you originally submitted incorrect ACH information, contact us at 518-457-5181 to provide us with the proper banking information so we can better assist you.