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Change/amend a filed return

Amended return for tax years beginning on or after 2012 

Follow these steps to complete your amended return

  1. Complete your amended return as if you are filing the return for the first time.
  2. Carefully review and follow the instructions for the amended return that you are filing. You must enter the same amount of sales and use tax and gift contributions from your original return; you cannot change these amounts.
  3. Do not submit a copy of your original Form IT-201, IT-201-D, IT-203, or IT-203-D with your amended return.
  4. Submit with your amended return any: 
  • amended credit claim or other amended form (do not submit the original version);
  • new credit form or any other form that you are filing for the first time with your amended return; and
  • original credit claim form(s) (for example, Forms IT-213, IT-215, IT-216); other form(s) that you submitted with your original return and are not amending (for example, Form IT-201-ATT or IT-203-ATT); wage and tax statements (for example, Form W-2). Do not submit Form IT-201-D or IT-203-D.

Caution: If you do not submit all necessary forms, we will send your amended return back to you. You will have to refile, and this will delay the processing of your return.

Form IT-201-X and Form IT-203-X are also used to file a protective claim or to report a net operating loss carryback.

For tax years before 2012, see the instructions of the form you are filing.

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Updated: December 12, 2013