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Department of Taxation and Finance

E-file—important information regarding electronic filing

  1. The Department of Taxation and Finance does not warrant, endorse or recommend specific products or businesses, but does promote the availability of electronic tax preparation and services. (See E-file—disclaimer.)
  2. These services are provided by independent commercial companies, not by New York State. The scope of and approach to tax return preparation and filing varies among each service provider. Please read carefully the information provided by the company to fully understand the service that is offered. Any inquiries for assistance must be handled through the company, not through New York State.
  3. If you qualify for a refund and the service you choose offers a Refund Anticipation Loan Program (RAL), participation in the RAL program is strictly your choice. It is not required to utilize tax return preparation and e-file services. The Department of Taxation and Finance has no involvement with RALs.