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Common Pay Agent – metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax (MCTMT)

An agent authorized by the Tax Department to file and pay withholding tax on behalf of an employer may also report and pay the employer's MCTMT as an agent. This appointment is the equivalent to the IRS appointment using Form 2678, Employer/Payer Appointment of Agent, authorized under IRC Section 3504.

See MCTMT page for Employers for general information on who the tax does and does not apply to, definitions, and due dates.

Calculating the tax

  • Separately calculate the payroll expense for all covered employees for each calendar quarter for your organization and for each of the employers for which you are reporting as agent.
  • Multiply each payroll expense amount by the applicable MCTMT rate from the table below.
  • Add together the MCTMT amounts calculated for your organization and for each employer for which you are reporting as an agent. This is the total MCTMT due.
                  • Calculate tax
                    Payroll expense MCTMT Rate
                    Over $312,500 but not over $375,000 .11% (.0011)
                    Over $375,000 but not over $437,500 .23% (.0023)
                    Over $437,500 .34% (.0034)

Agent's PrompTax payments

  • You will need to continue making PrompTax payments if you are required or voluntarily participate in the PrompTax program. However, it should be noted that the optional MCTMT calculator will not properly calculate the tax; you must figure the payment as instructed above.

Agent's quarterly MCTMT return

  • You must file your MCTMT returns using the Tax Department's Online Services MCTMT Upload. See the file formatting instructions for how to format your file.

Note: if any of your clients are a START-UP NY business you cannot include them in your Upload

  • You must separately Web File Quarterly MCTMT returns for each START-UP NY business. See the START-UP NY MCTMT Exemption on how to calculate the MCTMT due.
  • In addition, you must separately report eligible employees for each START-UP NY business annually by January 31. See the START-UP NY Employer Information web page for employer requirements.