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Department of Taxation and Finance

Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers


  • Taxpayers who use the services of paid tax preparers are entitled to protection from unfair treatment. While most tax preparers act within the law and treat their clients fairly, there are some that don’t.
  • This Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers (available in other languages) describes your rights and contains important information about how to protect yourself from unfair practices.

If your tax preparer doesn’t comply, you can file a complaint online.

File a tax preparer complaint

Tax preparers

As a tax preparer, the Consumer Bill of Rights requires you to provide customers with:

  • An address and phone number to contact you or your office throughout the year.
  • Free copies of the current Publication 135Consumer Bill of Rights Regarding Tax Preparers (available in other languages), prior to any discussions. (You must get a copy and are responsible for printing and photocopying.)
  • Certain disclosures about refund anticipation loans. (You are also prohibited from advertising them as refunds.)

Certain preparers are exempt from the first two requirements. Different rules apply to tax preparers operating and preparing tax returns within New York City.

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