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Department of Taxation and Finance

Property tax and assessment administration

The FY 2019 State Budget authorizes local governments and school districts to establish charitable gift reserve funds and to offer real property tax credits to incentivize contributions to these new local charitable funds. For more information, see Charitable Contributions to Local Governments and School Districts Guidance.


Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES) news

Many thanks

Thank you to the hundreds of local officials who participated in our recent outreach sessions and completed our survey. Your engagement and input is crucial to the project. Printable ACES June 2018 Update.


Questions? Read the ACES FAQs. Didn't find the answer to your question? Email ORPTS.

RPSV4 updates

Available Real Property System updates:

  • STAR_cap_2018.exe (load the 2018-2019 Maximum STAR Savings Amounts)
  • STAR_credit.exe (Standardize the STAR exemption naming conventions.)

Keep up to date

Final rolls

Within 10 days of filing your tentative roll:

See Real Property Tax Law § 1590 for details.

STAR credit implementation

If you haven’t already done so, standardize your STAR exemption naming conventions to streamline credit processing for property owners in your community. See the instructions in Standardize the STAR exemption naming conventions for users of RPSV4 and other software.

Late exemption applications

Have a senior who missed the Enhanced STAR or Senior exemption application deadline? Know your options: Assisting seniors who missed the exemption application deadline.