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Send mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department


Assessors and county real property tax (RPT) directors


If the tax levy date for any school district in your municipality is please submit your mobile home/co-op spreadsheet by
between June 1 and July 1 May 22
between July 2 and September 30 May 22
in October (Nassau County) June 10
in December (Suffolk County) August 15


In general, individual units in mobile home parks and co-operative buildings don’t appear on assessment rolls. To provide STAR credit checks to these homeowners, please use the spreadsheets below to submit data for mobile home and co-op units that are not separately identified on the assessment roll.

We’ll process STAR credit registrations only for those mobile home and co-op owners who are listed on your spreadsheets, and are not flagged with a B or E in the STAR Exempt Type column.

We’ll also use this data to provide property tax relief credit checks to eligible mobile home and co-op owners.



  • Please ensure that your mobile home and co-op spreadsheets are complete before you submit them. Missing data and blank fields will slow down the processing of credits for impacted homeowners.
  • Whenever possible, use the query-enabled spreadsheets (provided below) to ensure that separately assessed mobile home and co-op parcels are not listed. The query-enabled spreadsheets will include only parcels that aren’t separately assessed.
  • If you use the manual spreadsheet, include only properties that aren’t listed on the assessment roll. Please don’t add separately assessed parcels to your spreadsheet.
  • To the extent possible, provide consistent data each year. Changes to street names and lot numbers from one year to the next require manual processing that can significantly delay checks. We would appreciate any effort you could make to work with the managers and owners in your community to minimize these changes.
  • Ensure that the units for all mobile home parks and cooperative buildings in your community are included on your spreadsheets. Units that aren’t included on the spreadsheets will not receive STAR credit checks.
  • Use the correct property class codes when maintaining your files for mobile home parks. The code for mobile home parks is 416; the code for separately assessed mobile homes (those that receive separate tax bills) is 270. Don’t include the 270s on your spreadsheet.
  • Condominiums are separately assessed, and should not be included on your co-op spreadsheet.
  • Remember that homeowners who received a STAR exemption in 2015 continue to be able to receive the exemption in the following years. You should not require these homeowners, including those in mobile home parks and co-operative buildings, to switch to the STAR credit.

Instructions for RPSV4 users

Wherever possible, please use these query-enabled spreadsheets to report co-op and mobile home units. The spreadsheets contain an Excel query and instructions to load data from your RPSV4 tables. We’ve structured the queries to include all available mobile home and cooperative table data, including assessed and full-market values.

Before running the query, please review all of your mobile home and co-op data and make any necessary corrections.

Localities that maintain a county-wide database also have the option to run the mobile home and co-op queries on a town-by-town basis: 

After running your queries, please verify the results before saving the spreadsheet and sending it to the email address below.

Instructions for users of other assessment administration software, or RPSV4 users who don’t maintain mobile home or co-op worksheets

Please use the manual load spreadsheet. Before entering your data into the spreadsheet, please review all of your mobile home and co-op data and make any necessary corrections.

Complete separate spreadsheets for mobile homes and co-ops. Include on the respective spreadsheets all individual units in mobile home parks and cooperative buildings that aren’t separately identified on the assessment roll.

New this year: you are required to provide the values for co-ops in all cases. In the appropriate field for each of these units, please enter the following:

  • total assessed value,
  • full-market value, and
  • taxable assessed value before the reduction for STAR.

Without this information, we won’t be able to calculate the STAR credit, and checks will be delayed.

It’s necessary to enter mobile home values only in cases where the full-market values are greater than $20,000. Please enter the assessed and full-market values for each of these units in the appropriate field. If you don’t enter a value, or the value is under $20,000, we’ll calculate the credit based on a $20,000 value.

 Before sending your spreadsheets, please verify the results to ensure that all the fields are complete and accurate in relation to your input file.

After you complete your spreadsheets

Please send the completed spreadsheets to Include your name, municipality, and contact information in the body of the email. If you don’t have any mobile home parks or cooperative buildings in your community, please notify us at that email address.


Contact your ORPTS Regional Liaisons.