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Department of Taxation and Finance

Filing estimated tax


The easiest and fastest way for you to make estimated tax payments is by creating an Online Services account. You can also review your estimated tax payments electronically.

By mail:

Individuals should:

  • Use the estimated tax payment voucher from your tax software or use Form IT-2105, Estimated Tax Payment Voucher for Individuals.
  • For mailing information and details, see Form IT-2105-I, Instructions for Form IT-2105, Estimated Tax Payment Voucher for Individuals.
  • Enter your entire Social Security number when completing the voucher.
  • Submit separate estimated tax coupons for each spouse, even if filing a joint return.
  • Enter your name as it will appear on your personal income tax return.
  • Write the tax year and the last four digits of your Social Security number on your check if you file a paper coupon.

Estates and trusts should:

  • Use Form IT-2106, Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher for Fiduciaries.
  • Enter the name of the estate or trust exactly as shown on federal Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number.

Partnerships and New York S corporations should:

  • Use Form IT-2658, Report of Estimated Tax for Nonresident Individual Partners and Shareholders.
  • List only individuals as nonresident partners. Do not list both spouses for a joint return, estates, trusts or LLC/LLPs.

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