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Department of Taxation and Finance

Resident Credit

Who is eligible? 

You are entitled to claim this nonrefundable credit if:

  • you were a full-year or part-year resident of New York State, or a New York State resident estate or trust, or a part-year resident trust; and
  • you had income sourced to and taxed by another state, a local government within another state, the District of Columbia, or a Canadian province. (This income generally includes wages, business income, etc. It typically excludes interest, dividends, gambling winnings, lottery winnings, etc.)
  • you were a shareholder of an S corporation and you pay the tax calculated on the S corporation income.

If you have dual residency status

If you are a resident of New York State and another state or Canadian province for income tax purposes, you cannot claim a credit if the other jurisdiction allows a credit against its tax for the total resident tax paid to New York.

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