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Department of Taxation and Finance

Taxicab and hail vehicle trip tax in the metropolitan commuter transportation district

Thank you for providing safe and reliable transportation in and around New York City!

How can we help you?

File a return

Whether you're a medallion owner, agent, or hail base, you can easily file and pay your trip tax directly on our website.
See Taxicab and Hail Vehicle Web File to get started, or see How to file an amended return to learn how to amend.

Resolve a past-due notice

If the Tax Department has no record of your trip tax return, you will receive a notice asking you to file the return. Simply paying your tax isn't enough; you must file your return to avoid disciplinary action.
See Resolve a past-due notice to learn what to do next.

Learn about trip tax

If you are a medallion owner, agent, hail base, or hail vehicle owner in New York City, it's important that you understand how trip tax works and who is responsible for it.
See Information on the taxicab and hail vehicle trip tax to learn more.

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