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Department of Taxation and Finance

Opening and maintaining a New York State segregated sales tax bank account

  1. Open a Segregated Sales Tax account
    • Open a checking or savings account in a federally-insured bank or credit union located in New York State.  You'll need to provide the Tax Department with your bank name and account number.
    • Use this account only for collecting and remitting New York State sales and use tax.
    • Since you will be making online payments to the Tax Department, you must notify the bank that the account cannot have a debit block.
  2. Deposit sales and use taxes
    Once a week, you must deposit all the sales and use taxes you collect into your Segregated Sales Tax account.
  3. Create an Online Services account
    • Because you're required to Web File your returns and make payments online, you must also have an Online Services account with the Tax Department.
    • If you don't already have one, create an Online Services account.
  4. Make online payments
    Once a week, you must pay the entire balance of the account to the Tax Department.
    • Use your username and password to log in to your Online Services account.
    • Select Sales tax - file and pay.
    • Then select Sales tax Web File.
    • Under Forms available for filing, use Form ST-330, New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax Advance Payment.  Choose the filing period that goes with the payment you're making and click select.
    • Be sure to make your online payment by Thursday of each week.
  5. File returns online
    • Timely file the online version of the sales tax return you're required to file (monthly, quarterly, or annual).
    • On your sales tax return, enter as prepayments all the online payments you made with Form ST-330.
  6. Send monthly bank statements to the Tax Department
    Before the 15th of each month, mail or fax a copy of the previous month's bank statement for your Segregated Sales Tax bank account to the Tax Department.
    • Be sure that your bank statement includes your business name and Taxpayer ID.
    • Fax:     (518) 435-8421
    • Mail:     NYS Tax Department
                  Segregated Account Unit
                  Building 8 Room 758
                  W A Harriman Campus
                  Albany, NY  12227