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Corporation tax e-file information for software developers

The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance participates in the Fed/State 1120 Corporation Tax e-file program, under the IRS MeF architecture. Electronic return originators (EROs) authorized by the IRS to e-file federal corporation tax returns are also authorized to e-file corporation tax returns with New York State. 

All corporation tax software must pass a series of tests each year. Using the New York State test packet, software developers must: 

  • submit returns via the IRS assurance test system (ATS) test site for every return the software supports, and
  • provide a separate software vendor identification (ID) for each software product.

The New York State Tax Department will approve the software vendor ID once all forms testing is completed successfully.

For the current status of MeF production systems, see MeF status page.

Tax year 2023

Tax year 2022

Tax year 2021