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Beverage container deposit initiator online registration instructions

Step 1: Create an Online Services business account.

(If your business already has an account, log in and skip to Step 2.)

  • Gather the information that you’ll need to create an account.
    • If your business files corporation, sales, or withholding tax returns, you’ll need to have copies of recently filed returns for each of the tax types filed.
  • Create an Online Services business account.
  • Choose the Business Registration button and select “gain access to all services.”

Step 2: Register as a beverage container deposit initiator.

  • After you log in to your Online Services account, select the Beverage Container Registration link.
  • You’ll need to provide contact information, details about your refund value account (bank routing and account numbers), and your collection start date.
  • Once you’ve successfully registered, go to the confirmation page and print out your Deposit Initiator Registration Certificate.

Once you’re registered: 

  • You must use your Online Services account to electronically file quarterly reports and make payments.
  • To file and pay, log in to your account and select Beverage Container Web File.
  • Quarterly reports and payments are due within 20 days of the end of each quarter.