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Department of Taxation and Finance

Sales tax e-file mandate for monthly sales tax filers

You must use Sales Tax Web File to file monthly sales and use tax returns and electronically pay any balance due.

This mandate affects you if you file Form ST-809, New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return for Part-Quarterly (Monthly) Filers, and your business meets these three conditions:

  • you do not use a tax preparer to prepare the required filings;
  • you use a computer to prepare, document or calculate your tax forms; and
  • you have broadband Internet access.

To get started, you will need to:

  • Create an Online Services account, if you do not already have one. View our demos to learn how to create your account and use Sales Tax Web File.

If you already have an Online Services account, log in and select 'Sales Tax Web File'.

If you cannot use Web File, continue to paper Form ST-809, New York State and Local Sales and Use Tax Return for Part-Quarterly (Monthly) Filers, but first learn how to avoid common sales tax filing errors.