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Employer Compensation Expense Tax (ECET) Web Payment

Use our ECET payment application to make your payments for the employer compensation expense tax.

  1. Log in to your Business Online Services account.
  2. Select the ≡ Services menu in the upper left-hand corner of your Account Summary homepage. 
  3. Select Employment and withholding tax, then select ECET payment from the drop-down menu. 

Once a covered employee's wages paid exceed $40,000, you must begin remitting the ECET due.  Make your ECET payments on the same day you make your required withholding tax payments. 

Log in to your Business Online Services account to get started.

Log in to pay

Note: If you are enrolled in the PrompTax program for withholding tax and your payment method is ACH credit, visit Employer Compensation Expense Tax (ECET) ACH Credit Format for important payment information.