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Department of Taxation and Finance

Tax Professional Newsletter (07/24/2019)

View the 2019 STAR delivery schedule

Your client can use the STAR Check Delivery Schedule lookup to find the most recent delivery information available for their area. The lookup shows the date we began (or will begin) to mail STAR credit and eligibility letters to their area.

Assist clients who need to contest their property tax assessments

Last month we told you about the avenues available to contest a client’s assessment if they weren’t successful on Grievance Day. There may still be time for your client to contest their property assessment. In most communities, the deadline is July 31.
View last month’s newsletter for details.

Save child and dependent care documentation

When your client pays for summer day camp or child care, they may be entitled to the child and dependent care credit. Remind your client to keep documentation showing their expenses, such as invoices, receipts, copies of cashed checks, and bank statements. If your client qualifies to claim the federal child and dependent care credit, they are entitled to claim New York State's.

Visit Child and dependent care credit (New York State) for more information.

Respond to notification about college tuition

If your client took the college tuition credit or itemized deduction and they are a graduate student, they may receive a bill from us. Your client is entitled to this credit or deduction only on qualified tuition expenses paid for undergraduate enrollment or attendance at an institution of higher education. This includes expenses paid from a qualified state tuition program (like New York's 529 College Savings Program).

You can respond to a notice or bill online to provide additional information and to protest the bill. This is the fastest way to provide an explanation and attach supporting documentation.

Make an estimated tax payment for your client

Your client may be required to make estimated tax payments to New York State if they receive certain types of taxable income and no tax is withheld, or if they are subject to the MCTMT. (Examples include self-employment income, pension or annuity income, interest and dividend income, and cash payments.)
You can make estimated tax payments for your clients electronically using department-approved tax preparation software, as well as schedule payments in advance. When you include your client’s bank account information, we will automatically deduct the payments on the date specified.

Westchester County increases sales and use tax rate

Beginning August 1, 2019, the sales and use tax rate in Westchester County, outside the cities of Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains, and Yonkers, increases from 7⅜% to 8⅜%. See Locality Notice ST-19-1, Westchester County Increases Sales and Use Tax Rate.

Keep up with tax changes

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Upcoming due dates


  • Employer's quarterly MCTMT return
  • Employer's quarterly combined withholding, wage reporting, and unemployment insurance return

08/20: Sales tax return for monthly filers 

Stay on top of due dates; bookmark our Tax Calendar.

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