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Department of Taxation and Finance

2005 New York State Corporate Tax Statistical Report - Credit claim forms

Tax forms
Credit claim formCredit type
CT-33.1 Claim for CAPCO Credit
CT-33.R Claim for Retaliatory Tax Credits
CT-40 Claim for Alternative Fuels Credit  CT-40-I (Instructions)
CT-41 Claim for Credit for Employment of Persons with Disabilities   CT-41-I (Instructions)
CT-43 Claim for Special Additional Mortgage Recording Tax Credit
CT-44 Claim for Investment Tax Credit for the Financial Services Industry  CT-44-I (Instructions)
CT-46 Claim for Investment Tax Credit and Employment Incentive Credit  CT-46-I (Instructions)
CT-46-ATT Credit for Rehabilitation Expenses for Retail Enterprises and Historic Barns
CT-47 Claim for Farmer's School Tax Credit CT-47-I (Instructions)
CT-248 Claim for Empire State Film Production Credit
CT-249 Claim for Long-Term Care Insurance Credit
CT-250 Claim for Purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator
CT-259 Claim for Fuel Cell Electric Generating Equipment Credit CT-259-I (Instructions)
CT-601 Claim for EZ Wage Tax Credit  CT-601-I (Instructions)
CT-601.1 Claim for ZEA Wage Tax Credit
CT-602 Claim for EZ Capital Tax Credit  CT-602-I (Instructions)
CT-603 Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EZ Employment Incentive Credit  CT-603-I (Instructions)
CT-604 Claim for QEZE Credit for Real Property Taxes and QEZE Tax Reduction Credit CT-604-I (Instructions)
CT-605 Claim for EZ Investment Tax Credit and EDZ Employment Incentive Credit for the Financial Services Industry  CT-605-I (Instructions)
CT-611 Claim for Brownfield Redevelopment Tax Credit CT-611-I (Instructions)
CT-612 Claim for Remediated Brownfield Credit For Real Property Taxes CT-612-I (Instructions)
CT-613 Claim for Environmental Remediation Insurance Credit CT-613-I (Instructions)
DTF-619 Claim for QETC Facilities, Operations, and Training Credit DTF-619-I (Instructions)
DTF-621 Claim for QETC Employment Credit  DTF-621-I (Instructions)
DTF-622 Claim for QETC Capital Tax Credit  DTF-622-I (Instructions)
DTF-623 Claim for Industrial or Manufacturing Business (IMB) Credit
DTF-624 Claim for Low-Income Housing Credit DTF-624-I (Instructions)
DTF-630 Claim for Green Building Credit DTF-630-I (Instructions)

* The Mortgage Servicing Tax Credit and the Fire Insurance Premiums Tax Credit are claimed directly on the franchise tax forms.